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About Exploriments

Exploriments are simulation-based interactive learning units for enhancing conceptual understanding in Science in an experiential manner.

Learning by doing Approach

Based on the constructivist approach, Exploriments encourage the learners to actively participate in the learning process, instead of being passive recipients.

Exploriments provide different ways of learning, including the "what-if" or the ‘cause and effect’ method. Such powerful techniques enable students to gain insights and facilitate understanding of the otherwise complex and abstract concepts.

Progressive Learning

Each individual Exploriment addresses a primary learning objective, and is typically a part of a larger generalized concept. Collectively, a series or a set of exploriments help in achieving the broader learning goals.

A set of Exploriments provide a more focused and progressive learning experience, but in an interactive and interesting manner.

Sensitive & Proactive Environments

Exploriments, wherever relevant, can be conducted in different environments where ambient properties like gravitational acceleration, temperature, pressure, etc. influence the outcome of the exploriment.

This feature provides rich learning opportunities by experimenting under different conditions, such as a space-lab on Jupiter or a submarine lab at Mariana Trench.

Responsive Objects & Players

Most of the Exploriments include objects that are responsive to their surrounding conditions and influences. Devices and objects behave differently if the surroundings change. Measuring instruments themselves may get affected in different environments.

Boundary Effects & Breakdown

Exploriments let users learn by stretching to the limits and even testing the break points.

Exploriments, wherever relevant, are designed to challenge and question the commonly held beliefs and pre-suppositions. It is just as important to understand when and why a system will not work or just completely break down.

Unusual & Imaginary Devices

Exploriments have plenty of unusual devices and situations to stretch your imagination.

Exploriments being virtual, allow near impossible to purely hypothetical scenarios, events and devices allowing an insightful learning experience.

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