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Thanks. I bought and used your Exploriments iPad app in my 4th grade class on electricity this week. The kids loved it.

Mr. Obe Hostetter
Rockingham County Public Schools.

Big thank you for helping extend understanding of electricity! This app developer deserves A+ for responding to our class!

Leah LaCrosse,
Science Teacher Huron City Schools.

I think the Exploriments website is brilliant, and many others can benefit from using it. Keep up the good work!

Eric Welker
Education Specialist, RAFT, San Jose.

The kids had a blast! They were so engaged and were able to grasp the concepts perfectly! Congrats on the Exploriments app!

Mrs. Alline G. Sada, M. Ed
Apple Distinguished Educator - 2011.

One of the best apps for middle grades Science...It's a great visualization of concepts we can't effectively model in the classroom without digital help.

Senior Educator, Tyler, TX .

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